Beelzebub 151


The gang continues on their summer vacation. Wonder what fun they’ll be having this time.ā€¦


Fairy Tail Manga 277 Now Out


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^^ Up for read Fairy Tail 277 “Socks”

So its gonna be Bacchus vs Elfman in next chapter. Plus look forward to the unveiling of Fairy Tail’s movie adaptation.

Naruto Manga 580

Naruto Manga Chapter 580

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^^ Up for read Naruto Manga 580 “Brother’s Time.”

The chapter’s much more about Sasuke and Itachi reminiscing one of their training in the past where they have strategize catching a wild boar. They then incorporate this in combat against Kabuto to prove their bonds as brother.

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Fairy Tail 276 “Chariot”

Fairy tail 276

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^^ Up for read Fairy Tail 276 “Chariot”

Naruto 579 and One Piece 661 Now Out

Naruto 579

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^^Up for read Naruto Chapter 579 “Brothers fight as one!”

The chapter now focuses on the batlle between Kabuto and the infamous Uchiha brothers Itachi and Sasuke. I am impressed seeing how Kabuto developed what was left of Orochimaru’s ingenuity taking his technique to new heights. He has surpassed Orochimaru after becoming a snake sage in the enshrouded Ryuchidou.
I wonder’s how’s sasuke gonna counter Kabuto’s technique being a former pupil of Orochimaru. And of course Itachi, who I bet is analyzing how their enemy’s jutsu works.


One Piece 661

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One Piece 661 “The Lake of Bandits.”

Its getting really interesting now especially with Shibukai Trafalgar Law showing off to ability of his Ope Ope fruit powers. He can actually do modifications in almost anything inside a circle he set up as his territory. Its more of having the ability of a surgeon in his operating room but doing the operations on almost anything. Still, Its a question what Law’s motives are seeing that he attacked Smoker’s marine troops defies his title as Shibukai.

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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 275 now out

Fairy Tail Chapter 275

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^^ Up For Read Fairy Tail Chapter 275 “The Drunk Falcon.”

— All right after reading this issue, seeing how things flows with the story… I’m anticipating three main events where the story will develop on. First would be the motive of the Magistrate in the Grand Magic Game seeing as how he can manipulate how the tournament mashes up. Second would be the encounter between Erza and the “Drunk Falcon” Bacchus. Third is Lucy’s stellar magic which I think will be manipulated for the revival of Zeref.

I bet that the connection between King, Lucy, and Zeref is the answer to the suspicions of Ultear, Meredy, and Jellal about a dark magic lurking under the tournament.

Looking forward to he next issues…

>> Mangahere Fairy Tail Chapter 275 page

Beelzebub Chapter 148 now out

Beelzebub Chapter 148: Izou Aiba

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^^UP FOR READ Beelzebub Chapter 148 “Izou Aiba.” The guys are on a field trip, I wonder how’re things gonna flow with every hilarious twists unimaginable to happen.

So the guys are having their field trip in Okinawa after successfuly pleading for permission from the School principal to join in with the normal St Ishiyama students by the last minute. Now they’re off to face another group of thugs in the region headed by one interesting lot who is actually or if not maybe in the same league with Oga.
The situation gets more complex with Aiba, the so called leader becomes another love victim to Kunieda. Then his lil baby sis getting interested w/ baby beel. Just weird having such situation that’s out of this world, having a baby demon to take care of an encoutering an awful lot of thugs against you and not to mention with the high-standard gals unexpectedly getting interest in you secretly. Its a mixture of this different situations which I guess makes one glued with the manga now on its THIRD ANNIVERSARY.

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