Beelzebub 151


The gang continues on their summer vacation. Wonder what fun they’ll be having this time.…


Beelzebub Chapter 148 now out

Beelzebub Chapter 148: Izou Aiba

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^^UP FOR READ Beelzebub Chapter 148 “Izou Aiba.” The guys are on a field trip, I wonder how’re things gonna flow with every hilarious twists unimaginable to happen.

So the guys are having their field trip in Okinawa after successfuly pleading for permission from the School principal to join in with the normal St Ishiyama students by the last minute. Now they’re off to face another group of thugs in the region headed by one interesting lot who is actually or if not maybe in the same league with Oga.
The situation gets more complex with Aiba, the so called leader becomes another love victim to Kunieda. Then his lil baby sis getting interested w/ baby beel. Just weird having such situation that’s out of this world, having a baby demon to take care of an encoutering an awful lot of thugs against you and not to mention with the high-standard gals unexpectedly getting interest in you secretly. Its a mixture of this different situations which I guess makes one glued with the manga now on its THIRD ANNIVERSARY.

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Manga Catch Up

Haven’t been reading mangas lately and I did so purposely. Its better reading batch of chapters instead of one. Kills the mood when you get stucked up with one chapter and you desperately want to know what happens.

Fairy Tail

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Just finished reading 5 chapters of the Fairy Tail Manga (chapter 273 latest). I must say its getting more exciting with the development of the story, which I believe is set to go to another return of Zeref Arc. Here’s the latest episode of the Manga titled “Orga of the Black Lightning.”

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Done reading the latest chapter titled “We’re going on a Field Trip,” (click to go to mangafox page) The new chapter’s story isn’t that much interesting, maybe because its a sort of follow up after the Behemoth arc which just ended recently. Looking forward to developments for the new arc.

Next up for read Naruto:

Naruto Cover Image

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Judging by the current chapters’ stories, the manga has entered the final arc. Its getting more exciting with a lot of twists waiting to be uncovered especially the Tobi – Madara case, where most fans thinks Tobi’s actually Madara’s long dead brother. I suspect the same thing as well. The new chapter “The Guide of the Reunion,” (click to go to Naruto page) actually shows the encounter between the undead Itachi and maknae Sasuke. Looking forward to the next chapter release.