Jessica Sanchez – Sweet Dreams American Idol 11 Top 9

Sanchez’s live performance of “Sweet Dreams,” received praises from the judges. This here’s a the studio version of her rendition of the song. The idol hopeful shows off in here different flavors as she sings with conviction to win, not relying too much on her ability to sing high notes.


Naruto Manga 580

Naruto Manga Chapter 580

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^^ Up for read Naruto Manga 580 “Brother’s Time.”

The chapter’s much more about Sasuke and Itachi reminiscing one of their training in the past where they have strategize catching a wild boar. They then incorporate this in combat against Kabuto to prove their bonds as brother.

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Mother Teresa said, “the greatest poverty is the poverty of being unloved.” When you don’t fill this great hunger for love, you scramble and grab anything that will quiet this hunger.

A moment does come in to our lives where we feel the deepest loneliness and sadness of emptiness. Humans as we are, love truly is one of the basic needs we have to have to survive. It comes to our lives in many forms thru companionship, building relationships, family and what not.
There’s that point in our life where the cold breeze hurts more, where the nostalgic drops of the rain pierces more than ever. Its when we feel that love is just never there, and we become hungry, desperate to cling to it in any way that we can.

Fairy Tail 276 “Chariot”

Fairy tail 276

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^^ Up for read Fairy Tail 276 “Chariot”

Sabado Nights!




Glad that Saturdays was created. Life would never be complete without it. I mean after hours of work we all deserve some fun to break the stress off. Saturdays built for party. Like what they all said “work hard and party even harder,” haha..

Jessica Sanchez: Idol Season 11 Sings Billy Joel

And its another standing ovation performance by Jessica Sanchez after her rendition of Bill Joel’s “Everybody Has a Dream.” I think all will agree in saying that this performance is a comeback for her following her top 12 performance of Gloria Estefan’s “Turn the Beat Around,” where she failed to impress the judges.

All three judges gave Jessica a standing ovation with Steven Tyler quoted saying “When God was giving out vocal cords, you were so at the front of the line,” while Jennifer Lopez said “He (Billy Joel) wrote that song for you a long time ago.” Randy Jackson mentions how important consistency is in the competition and having a moment with each performance.

I think its one of the best performance of the night. She sang the song as if she was empowering the audience in to following their dreams. I really believe that she’s got a big chance in taking home the title, only if she’d always make the right song choice that best showcases what she can really do.

Happy Sixth Birthday Twitter

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Today twitter turns 6. From its not-so-humble beginning reaching 500k users in just a year, a billion tweet after 3 years, and now a hair-raising 250 million tweets a day.

Twitter has  certainly paved the way how each of us communicate whether it be personal, business, showbiz, politics or what not. In my own experience, I never really thought I’d be glued to it. At first I was too skeptical thinking how wasteful it would be spending time tweeting. Eventually, I ended signing up an account and now having no care tweeting and checking up on the latest buzz around. I especially follow news on current events, having almost every media networks and newspaper publishers regularly maintain tweets. Its really helpful having useful information accessed conveniently.

Anyhow, kodus to twitter for giving us this new wave of technology.