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The switch to IOS


Well after careful thinking, researching, and whatnot. I finally decided to make the switch to Iphone. After years of being an android user i finally decided to go IOS.

Despite the dramatic development of features in android in contrast to IOS, I chose the latter for the simple reason that Iphone simply showcase simplistic features but BIG capabilities with class.

Initially, it was a choice between Note II and Iphone 5. Although Note II boasts of its high end specs and features the Iphone simply out wits it because of compact build, useful features instead of bloatwares, and simply beautiful screen.

This is the first Iphone I got and I must say its the best user experience I’ve had. Glad i made the switch


Mother Teresa said, “the greatest poverty is the poverty of being unloved.” When you don’t fill this great hunger for love, you scramble and grab anything that will quiet this hunger.

A moment does come in to our lives where we feel the deepest loneliness and sadness of emptiness. Humans as we are, love truly is one of the basic needs we have to have to survive. It comes to our lives in many forms thru companionship, building relationships, family and what not.
There’s that point in our life where the cold breeze hurts more, where the nostalgic drops of the rain pierces more than ever. Its when we feel that love is just never there, and we become hungry, desperate to cling to it in any way that we can.

Untold Stories: The Original 500 PESO Bill

Marcos 500 PHP Bill
photo credits to

The Original 500 peso bill. (Read)

UntoldStories: Original 500-peso design bears the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos portrait

Mr. Romeo MananQuil, the banknote’s designer himself, noted in his site that in the late 1985, his 500-peso Marcos bill was slated for production. However, when a snap election was scheduled, the circulation of the newly printed bills was put on hold in deference to the law against electioneering as Marcos.

How I “Made Money”
for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
My recollections of my personal story behind
the redesigning of the Philippine bank notes and coins

by Romeo Castillo MananQuil
as told to Isa I. Palanca
(published in Celebrate magazine, Fall 2008, Toronto, Canada)

In 1982, while I was teaching at the UP College of Fine Arts, I received a phone call that led to a most important assignment in my life as an artist. I was asked to be a part of the team redesigning bank notes and coins for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, after an official saw a pencil portrait sketch I have done of Don Andres Soriano in a San Miguel Corporation. It was not difficult at all to say yes to the task. I was eager to be part of the numismatic history of my country and have my art on any one of the new notes or coins

The design work was divided among the artists. With the new 500-peso bill, I was asked to do a portrait of then President Ferdinand Marcos. I decided to render a casual and relaxed portrait of Marcos on one side of the bill, while the other would feature an illustration of the Batasang Pambansa. However, after we had finished the first new design, the team that had originally been given the task was dissolved and I found myself having to form a new team. Though this momentarily stalled the project, it also gave mme the opportunity to handpick 2 artists who with me would make history. The new team was made up of myself, Angel Cacnio, a fellow magazine illustrator and painter and Rafael Asuncion, my former creative director at J. Walter Thompson Co. where I trained as a student in advertising.

We divided the assignment, sharing the design work for all the new coins and bills. My 500-peso Marcos bill was to be joined by my redesign of the 5-peso and 1000-peso bills, while Cacnio took the lead on the 20 and 100-peso bills as Asuncion worked on the 10 and 50-peso bills. Each artist submitted designs based on the guidelines provided to us by the BSP Numismatic Committee, who then approved which were to be used on the coins. My rendering of Andres Bonifacio and of a coconut tree were to appear on the 2-peso decagonal coin, while the 10-centavo coin would feature my renderings of the Pygmy Goby

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Japan: A Year After Tragedy

credits to original artists and musicmatterstome of for hosting video

Music Matters for Japan, a collaboration of various artist all over the globe for Japan.

Today, March 11 2012, marks the year after the earthquake and Tsunami incident in Japan which accounted the lives of a number. As we remember what had happened let us look upon ourselves and reflect for the lives lost in this incident, for the people affected that they move on with their lives from this tragedy and pray for a more safer, peaceful earth.

Here’s a slideshow of images on incident affected area in Japan from Yahoo News “Tsunami: After One Year.”

Combination photo shows aerial views of a tsunami-devastated area in Kesennuma

credits to original photographer and yahoo news for hosting image

>> Yahoo News Tsunami: After One Year

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair -Chinese Proverb

Another post of my favorite hilarious blogger Heckler Forever with his epic notes on today’s current tabloids sa Pilipinas with a super LOL twist.


IT’S THE WEEKEND. Let’s try to answer some of the questions sent by our readers – political figures, celebrities, and concerned Filipinos. Have fun!

Dear Professional Heckler,
Pangarap kong mag-guest sa iba’t ibang TV at radio stations. Ano ang dapat kong gawin?
Luigi ng Kalookan

Dear Luigi,
Maging Chief Justice ka muna.

Dear Professional Heckler,
Palala nang palala ang kriminalidad sa aming bayan. Lately, mga estudyante na ang tina-target ng mga holdupper. Taga-Makati ka ‘di ba? And’yan ba ang mayor namin?
Residente ng Los Baños

Dear Worried Residente ng Los Baños,

Dear Professional Heckler,
Narinig ko kahapon sa balita na ayaw ipakita ni Cong. Niel Tupas ang kanyang SALN sa GMA News. Bakit kaya?
Peachy of Pagudpud

Dear Peachy,
Sabi nga ng author ng ‘Up In the Air’ na si Walter Kirn, “Everyone loves a witch hunt as long as it’s someone…

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Call It What You Want

Music Video: “Call It What You Want,” by Foster the People (credits to artist hosted at their official fosterthepeopleVEVO youtube channel )

Would you believe that ONE can truly make a huge difference? Well if you ask me I DO BELIEVE THAT ONE CAN! and I’ve got Mr. Jason Russell with his army of co-founded Invisible Children to back that. The film maker started up his global humanitarian efforts with ONE, SINGLE encounter. Would you believe how each ENCOUNTER we make in our daily lives can impact the full of our future? CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT… fate, destiny, choice? Who would’ve known such a small fraction of your life would define the whole? And that’s what Mr. Russell have been doing for these past years, making the impossible possible by bringing out in the open the injustices happening in Uganda by the ONE man whose been behind it all Joseph Kony.

Each ONE of us can turn the tides by becoming AWARE and SHARING this fact. Visit their website The Invisible Children at

This is a Youtube documentary video made by Mr.  Jason Russell.

Join the twitter #kony2012 #stopkony discussion.